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A personal touch

Most gentlemen seeking my company do so with the understanding that their needs are deeper and more complex than what they feel the average companion can provide. Sometimes they are nervous, not yet having met an entertainer; sometimes past experiences have been entirely unfulfilling, leaving them with the distinct feeling as though a piece of the puzzle is still missing.


Some pioneering gentlemen even pursue regular time with me in lieu of a full time, traditional girlfriend, which comes with the comfort of knowing their secrets are always safe; they know that during the time we spend together I will always be thrilled to see them, brimming with enthusiasm and intent on erasing the worries that exist in the outside world.

Cashless payment options are available for an additional fee; must be arranged in advance.


Traditional Companionship

Round Wooden Tables

My Place

Private location in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles.

1 hour


2 hours

3 hours





California Bus

Your Place

Your home or hotel room. Greater Los Angeles area.











Fully immersive, indulgent interludes.



Day Trip







Fly me to you

I love to travel, and I'm happy to visit you anywhere within the United States.
6 hour minimum, plus expenses. Deposit required.

Consideration varies.

Please inquire.

Socially Distant Options

Coffee Hearts

Lazy Afternoon

Indoor Escape, $200 per hour

A fun way to escape from the outside world. Come hang out at my place, get to know each other over drinks or coffee or tea, with no lingering pressure. Great option for first timers or for honing social skills, or simply kicking back with a friendly face and no expectations.

2-4 hours.
Game Controller

Time to Play

Games for gamers! First 3 hours: $200 per hour; additional hours: $100

Come to my place and enjoy any of the titles on my xBox One, or bring your own and we can set up a LAN. Let's tackle that achievement or easter egg you've been trying to get, or team up in some competitive multiplayer and see how we stack up.
See my games list here!

3-6 hours.
Bright Room

Netflix and Actually Chill

Let's enjoy a cliche! First 3 hours: $200 per hour; additional hours: $100

Let's watch that documentary or series you've been dying to see, and find out what's so special!
Maybe you want to watch a movie (or two) instead? Let's grab something to eat and see where the suggestions take us!

3-10 hours.
Gourmet Dish

Dinner and Dessert

Deposit required. $200 per hour.

Send me your preferences, and I'll make you a home-cooked meal from scratch while we get to know each other. My skills in the kitchen are second only to my legendary bosom, so you're in good hands.

2-4 hours.
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Online Entertainment

Image by Dan Nelson

Website Membership

Access to exclusive photos and videos; login required



1 year






Image by Markus Winkler

SMS chat

Wickr Me instant messaging; text only









Game Controller

Online Coop & Multiplayer

Let's grab some headsets and party up! See my list of xBox games here.

1 hour

2 hours

3 hours

on cam






Private Video Chat

Face obscured without screening









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