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Are you vaccinated?

As of May 26th 2021, I am fully vaccinated.

Are you taking appointments?

I am currently available for appointments with vaccinated patrons. This may change if we ever reach herd immunity, so if you have to skip the vaccine for one reason or another, keep checking back for updates.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

At this time, if you want to meet in person for a traditional companionship session, you do need to have had your full vaccination course. This may change if we ever reach herd immunity, so if you can't get the vaccine, please keep checking back.

Are you taking special precautions?

Yep! I self isolate as much as possible, even though I am fully vaccinated. I always wear a mask when leaving the house, and maintain a respectful social distance when around others.

Have you been self-isolating?

Yep! As much as possible, aside from occasional grocery trips. Luckily, we live in the future now and most things can be delivered!

What if I have a negative COVID-19 test?

That's great! But at this time, I do ask that you have gotten both of your vaccine doses if you'd like to meet up. If you can't get the vaccine, keep checking back - I will be adjusting this policy as things change, but for now I am only meeting patrons who have had their full Covid-19 vaccine.

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