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Are you really 6'1"?


What are your physical stats?

I am 6'1" tall, approximately 190 pounds, with a 38DDD/E cup size, 36" waist and 48" hips. My dress size is (US) 18 depending on the brand, and my shoe size is 10-11 depending on the designer. I am NOT a small woman, so if you're expecting a spinner, you should move along. ;-)

How tall are you in heels?

As a woman with an affinity for shoes, this question always makes me laugh a tiny bit. My height in heels depends entirely on the height of the heels I'm wearing. If I'm wearing 3" heels, add 3" to 6'1". For 4" heels, add 4" to 6'1"... and so on.

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How recent are your photos?

I take new photos every few months, the most recent will be displayed first in the galleries. You can also find new uploads on my Twitter feed and my website members are always privy to selfies that you won't find anywhere else.

Are your photos altered?

My photos contain small corrections to adjust for lighting and color correction when necessary, and when applicable they are watermarked with a "tattoos removed" notation. I do not make any changes my body shape or size.

How often do you take new photos?

The availability of my new photosets vary but average once every few months. I release candid photos frequently on my Twitter feed and even more frequently for my website members.

Can I request photos of something specific?

If you would like to request a custom photoset you may email me directly for a quote. I'm happy to accommodate most requests, but I do not offer hardcore content.

Can I take photos during our session?

I do not allow photos or video during sessions under any circumstances, and the gentlemen I meet should understand that this is an essential part of discretion for both our sakes. Hidden cameras will not be tolerated and any equipment used to surreptitiously make video or audio recordings will be destroyed upon discovery, and the session terminated without refund.

Can I request a photo of your face?

I do not share photos of my face or any other identifying info. The gentlemen I meet should understand and respect that this is an essential component of the discretionary tools that I employ, for the sake of my own privacy and that of the gentlemen that I accompany on public excursions.

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