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Do you meet gentlemen with special needs?

Absolutely! Please let me know how I can make things easier for you when we get together. I am happy to accommodate for all types of needs.

Have you met anyone with ASD?

I certainly have, and I'm happy to accommodate for visual, audio and tactile comfort if you can let me know your preferences ahead of time. Please let me know if you find something distracting or uncomfortable during our time together. I'd prefer to fix it so that you can relax and have as great a time as possible, and I want you to feel at home.

What if I have a helper?

Please let me know ahead of time if you need a helper or care worker so we can talk about what your needs are, their level of involvement, and any other screening arrangements we may need to accommodate ahead of time. This does make things a tiny bit more involved, but I'm happy to take the time if you're able to allow for it.

What if I have a skin condition?

I'm not scared of psoriasis, so that's okay! What I do worry about is broken or cracked skin, raw or bleeding skin, or anything similar that I might come into contact with, particularly if it's contagious.
If you have any ailment that is contagious, skin-related or otherwise, please wait until you have a clean bill of health before making an appointment with me.

What if I need ambulatory assistance?

My building is sadly pre-ADA with lots of stairs, so we'll either need to meet at your place or arrange for an accessible hotel room or Airbnb. I can help with some chair transfers, but if you need full assistance it may be best if your helper sticks around for that part.

Can you meet me if I'm blind or deaf?

Absolutely! While my knowledge of ASL is pretty rusty, there's plenty of other ways to communicate. If you need the assistance of a cane or canine to get around, that's no problem! I'm happy to help too, just let me know what you need. I'll generally wait for you to ask for my help with something if you feel like you need it, because I don't want to come across as overbearing or condescending, but I'm always happy to lend a hand or an arm.

Do you meet all ethnicities?


Do you meet women?


Do you meet couples?

Yep! I do have a separate rate for couples, and I do require screening for both parties.

Do you meet trans, queer or nonbinary friends?


Do you have an age limit?

I'm happy to meet anyone over the age of 21.

Is there anyone you won't meet?

Yep: minors, and jerks.

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