Worried about the Coronavirus? I'm offering several new options including socially distant dates and remote entertainment. Check out my updated Considerations page for all of the details!

If you were kind enough to take advantage of my 50% Quarantine Deposit Incentive, I am now accepting appointments to redeem your session if you have completed your vaccination course. Proof of vaccination required. Please contact me to make arrangements.

I am available to meet vaccinated patrons! Proof of vaccine and minimum 24hrs notice required.

As of 5/4/2021 I will have my first vaccine dose, and I'll be fully vaccinated as of 5/26/21.

Check out my new FAQ section all about Covid-19 for more details & answers to all of your questions.

Wash your hands

Please wash your hands. I provide antibacterial soap and clean linens for all of my guests, which are treated in a disinfecting bleach and hot water solution.

Take your temp

The morning we meet, please take your temperature to check that it's normal. If it's elevated, or if you feel any symptoms, please postpone your appointment.

Take a shower

I provide a hygiene kit, and once again, clean linens for all of my guests. You are always welcome to bring your own products too!

Clean surfaces

While covid isn't transmitted well on surfaces, I disinfect common surfaces with a bleach solution before and after our time together.

Covid-19 Update

updated 5/2/2021